Make your teams invincible with knowledge that’s easy to find, digest and share – when and where they need it.

Keep teams up-to-date

Just-in-time, relevant content to empower them in their moment of need.
With MobilePaks, sales reps can access knowledge as they go. Look up the competition, refresh on product stats, or get a quick reminder on how to enter the order. Now, they know what to do.


Users have full capabilities on their device of choice including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones or tablets, as well as laptops and desktops.

How it works

Mobilepaks is hosted in the cloud and makes sharing knowledge easier for better lead conversion, sales efficiency and marketing productivity.


Easy to use

MobilePaks’ intuitive interface and powerful search makes it easy for users to find relevant information – when and where they need it.

Share in seconds

Publish Paks of knowledge in seconds.  Assign, share and recommend to users, sales teams and partners.

Real-time sync

Ensure users have the most up-to-date, relevant support at their fingertips.

Manage content

Import and reuse what you have, or create new.  Make content short, engaging and interactive to improve consumption and knowledge transfer.

Present, share and sell

Sales teams can present and share approved content with prospects and customers from any device.


Integrate with software you already have or build custom integration with our open APIs.

Learn what matters. Know what works.

Identify key activities that drive top performance. Gather feedback and focus resources on what’s working.


Support team performance. Measure consumption, feedback and engagement or build your own custom reports to correlate KPIs, like average sales cycle, time to first dollar and more.

Behavior tracking

Measure engagement, consumption and feedback by users, teams and groups.

Fast analytics

Connect and visualize what’s working and what your teams need more of. Get real-time feedback.

Close loop reporting

Information is captured and automatically synced with your CRM/CMS to get richer insight.

Our customers love it!


“Using the MobilePaks product, we created a successful national program for our sales channel that both reinforced company messages and improved product know-how. The simplicity of the MobilePaks design made accessing information easy and gave managers quick access to training engagement and outcomes. The feedback from the field was very positive.”

— Waste Management
Read the full case study here.

MobilePaks enables organizations to share knowledge and empower their workforce when and where they need it, to improve sales-marketing alignment, efficiency and bottom line results. See how it can work for you.